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(Leinster League phase 1)

We travelled to New Ross today for our 3rd game of the Leinster league.Conditions were good & players well hyped! The first half was close to say the least,both teams evenly matched in strong, clean scrums & thankfully lineouts for Carlow were much improved today,with captain Evan Browne & his ‘pack’ winning the majority.The first score of the game came off a lineout,with an entire cross pitch combination of excellent passes & ball handling,onto the far wing where Ben Crotty was in waiting to touch down for the first try of the game.The conversion hopped off the posts for a 5-0 lead to Carlow.New Ross made ground into the Carlow 10mt with a scrum,Carlows defence held well for a time but they managed to steal a gap & plunged through for a converted try & a 5-7 lead going into the half time whistle.
The second half was much the same with the game going either way.Tackles were hard which led to injuries from both sides.Carlow were awarded a penalty which Conor Hennessy decided to go for the posts,it was a nerve wrecking moment as the ball seemed to go into slow motion,it started low but seemed to rise slowly,it popped off the crossbar but managed to pop over between the posts for an 8-7 score.Just to settle spectators nerves a bit more,Barry Gray touched down for another Carlow try & the conversion from Conor Hennessy lenghtened the score to 15-7.Out of the blue a turnover ball from New Ross saw a ‘power run’ all the way up the wing,throwing Carlow players to the side,to touch down for a magnificent try & a score of 15-12.As with the first half of evenly matched,Carlow answered back with another try off the scrum this time,again great passes across pitch to Fiachra Fitzpatrick who touched down in the corner for a 20-12 lead.Into added time,New Ross took advantage & narrowed the score to a very very low margin on 20-19,after a converted try.Well done lads for holding on for a win,& well done to Josh Cope on MOTM,hopefully all injuries won’t be too long lasting.No game next weekend!!

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