Our men’s senior teams!

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J1 team


Corey Carty coach

Dan Crotty centre

Larry McGrath prop

John Lyons 2nd row

Owen Edgehill 2nd row

Paddy Mackay Australia back row

James Puddy Nolan back row

Richard Whyte full back

John Whyte outhalf

Conor Moore back row

Tom Crotty president

Jeff Carter coach


Wes Shirley 2nd row back row

Sam Cullen centre

Evan Gordon hooker

Cormac Murray scrumhalf/wing Carlow IT

Ross Byrne prop

Conor Treach back row Corries Bagenalstown

Isaac Daly scrumhalf Carlow IT

Alan Byrne front row

Johnny Crossley winger

Calum Murphy Carlow IT

J2 Team Caption

Paddy Kenny
Alan Owens jr Carlow Youths
Bobby Cope Carlow Youths
Evan Gorry Carlow Youths
Rhys Roberts Carlow IT/ Letterkenny
Darragh Brennan Carlow Youths
Zack FitzHenry Carlow Youths
Anthony Mannion Carlow Youths
Dave McDermott Carlow Youths
Jack Hickey Carlow Youths
Steve Treacy Carlow Youths
Cian Clarke Carlow Youths
Scott Neale Kilkenny College
Tom Bolger
Matt Keogh Carlow Youths
Sam Cullen Carlow Youths
Padraic O’Connor Carlow Youths
Liam Slater Carlow Youths
Williams Ganley Carlow IT / Claremorris RFC
Niall Finegan Carlow IT / Navan RFC
Jeff McDermott Carlow Youths
Corey Carty coach
Ed Keating player coach
Missing from the photo are Paul Walshe and Alan Owens sr managers and Tubbsy coach

Carlow 10 Wicklow 13
Carlow suffered the heartbreak of a last gasp drop goal which deprived them of a draw with table
topper Wicklow in their Leinster League match at Oakpark on Sunday.
Indeed a win against Wicklow who were finalists in the recent Colm O Shea League Cup, would
have been a fair reflection of the game as it played out on the field.
Between narrowly missed kicks, being held up over the line three times and botched scoring
opportunities, Carlow left a lot of points behind them on Sunday. But Wicklow too, missed chances
in an entertaining game that swung from end to end. Only last ditch tackling and covering by the
home team kept their score down.
With the aid of the breeze Wicklow had the upper hand early on. In the 13 th minute their scrumhalf
took a quick tap penalty. First they went left and then right in a good passing move which saw their
winger Aaran Byrne scoring near the corner. Outhalf Niall Earls added the conversion and then
scored a 45 metre penalty on the half hour to put the visitors into a 10 nil lead.
From the start Carlow had the edge in scrums but line outs were problematical. On 34 minutes
Richard Whyte opened Carlow’s scoring with a 40 metre penalty in front of the post.
Coming up to half time Wicklow centre Shane Farrer was sin binned for a deliberate knock on.
Carlow started the second half with the breeze and with a man up. Almost immediately they were
into the visitors 22. Wicklow lost their influential outhalf Earls and their marauding number 8 to
injury. James Nolan came on to add power to the Carlow pack. For an age Carlow were camped on
the Wicklow line but were unable to score. After one turnover on their own line Wicklow spread the
ball wide ran up field and only last ditch tackles on the Carlow 22 prevented them scoring. During
this time of Carlow dominance Richard Whyte was narrowly wide with two penalties that were very
kickable by his standards.
On another occasion a huge Richard Whyte clearance from his own line rolled into touch metres
from the Wicklow line. Under the new rules this was a Carlow throw in but the ball went astray and
another Carlow scoring chance went a begging. Was Carlow ever going to break this Wicklow
resistance the Oakpark supporters wondered.
Late in the second half Carlow had another long session camped on the opposition goal line. Again
there were bodies flying into do or die tackles. Eventually with five minutes left Carlow got their
breakthrough. James Nolan made the hard yards. Jeff McDermott now on as replacement scrumhalf,
was behind him and got the invaluable touch down beside the posts. Richard Whyte converted to tie
the game at 10 each.
With momentum in their tank it was hoped that Carlow would score again and win. But from the
restart Carlow conceded a number of frustrating penalties. At least two of these seemed very harsh.
With their place kicker off the park Wicklow kept kicking for territory till they reached the Carlow
goal line. Now it was the home team’s turn for desperate defence.
Indeed Carlow had driven Wicklow from their own line back at least 15 metres out when the ball
was passed to Wicklow full back Ben Watson. From 30 metres out in front of the posts Watson drop
kicked the ball over the bar to break the hearts of the Oakpark faithful and allow the referee to
whistle for full time.
After they get over their disappointment Carlow players can reflect and gain confidence from the
fact that they came close to beating one of the top teams in the province.

Carlow J 1
Richard Whyte, Johnny Crossley, Dan Crotty, Sam Cullen, Cormac Murray John Whyte, Isaac Daly,
Larry McGrath, Evan Gordon, Ross Byrne, John Lyons, Owen Edgehill, Conor Moore, Conor
Treacy, Wes Shirley
Subs Alan Byrne, James Nolan, Paddy Mackey, Jeff McDermott, Calum Murphy.
2nds game
Wicklow J1

Ben Watson, Oscar Hayes, Shane Farrer, AlexPorter, Aaron Byrne, Niall Earls, Mark Higgens,
David Nicholsan, Jack McKenna, Stephen Swan, Jack McGrath, John Jenkinson, Dylan Byrne, Tom
Maguire, Savanaca Tuimatanisaqua.
Subs Mark Cullen, Neill Kearney, Cian Reynolds, Jack Dunne.

Carlow 24 Wicklow 22
In this game visitors Wicklow crossed the Carlow try line before even a minute had elapsed.
Wicklow gathered their own kick off, spread the ball wide and scored a try in the right corner
without a Carlow hand touching the ball.
This shock concentrated Carlow minds and for the rest of the 1 st half Carlow dominated both
territory and possession. However Wicklow defended resolutely. In a rare visit into the Carlow half,
aided by three penalties against Carlow for holding onto the ball after the tackle, Wicklow scored
from the third penalty to make it 8 nil for the visitors.
Eventually just on the stroke of half time after being camped on the Wicklow line for ages, Carlow
broke through with a touchdown by hooker William Ganley. The conversion was missed to leave
the score at Carlow 5 Wicklow 8 at the interval.
Carlow continued to dominate in the second half especially in the pack. 10 minutes in Carlow
secured the ball from a Wicklow scrum put in. The ball was swung wide. Ed Keating and Jack
Hickey broke tackles and put Sam Dunne in at the corner. Outhalf Liam Slater was wide with the
conversion but 4 minutes later slotted a penalty to put Carlow into a 13 – 8 lead. Another Dunne try
plus a couple of Slater penalties pushed this out to 24 – 8. At this stage the visitors needed three
scores to win. The visitors were tiring and when their heavy props left the field the referee had
uncontested scrums.
With only minutes remaining Carlow gave their subs a run and took their foot off the pedal.
Wicklow seemed to get a second wind and scored two late converted tries. The second of these,
came in the last play of the game and brought the visitors to within two points of the Oakpark side.
Probably this score flattered Wicklow.
Carlow seconds remain unbeaten in their league and lie second in the table. They play with
enthusiasm and commitment and apart from a couple of exceptions, they are a very young side.

Carlow J2
Sam Dunne, Padraig O Connor, Dave McDermott, Tom Bolger, Bobby Cope, Liam Slater, Alan
Owens, Cian Clarke, William Ganley, Rhys Roberts, Zach Fitzhenry, Anthony Mannion, Steve
Treacy, Jack Hickey, Scott Neale.
Stephen Horgan, Matt Keogh, Ed Keating, Niall Finnegan, Darragh Brennan.