Remembrance Gathering

Posted on January 12, 2020 in

Carlow Rugby Club has organised a special Remembrance Gathering for cherished members of the club who are no longer with us. The event takes place in the clubhouse on Friday 24 January 2020 starting from 8.00 pm.

In recent months Carlow Rugby Club has been rocked with the passing of several club stalwarts. While these people will be foremost in the minds of members at the Remembrance Gathering the event will also embrace past members who made huge contributions to the life and well being of Carlow Rugby Club.

On the night there will be prayers read by local clergy followed by the lighting of a candle in memory of each loved one.

The organizing committee has invited the relatives of former members to attend the Remembrance Gathering bringing a photo of the person that can be displayed during the evening. The Club would like to retain this photo, but if that is not suitable, the photo can be copied on the night and retained for club records

Club President Edel Gibbons, who will welcome visitors, said that the Remembrance Gathering is a reminder of the importance of friendship, inclusivity, and comradeship amongst club members of today and yesterday.

Refreshments will be served afterward.

Further information – Michael Carbery 087 2210247